Already have a monitor, and want to make it interactive? Simply place one of our frames and connect a USB cable. No need to install drivers!

Add value by making any display surface tactile, regardless of size or shape.
Example: Videowall

Our brand:

  • Shops, exhibitions, museums, events and brand activation.
  • Capacitive
    This hardware is based on a technology whose added value is to be able to work through glass (ex: shop windows and/or exhibition furniture)
  • Infra-Red
    All equipment that uses IR technology to detect movement is more efficient from a speed point of view and quite competitive regarding the required investment.
  • Integrated – EloTouch
    The big advantage of Elotouch is its simple installation, since the touchscreen is already built into the monitor. The brand focus on intensive use and its integrated monitors line-up are the most adequate for Point of Sale solutions.