8. Sensors

The “Internet of things”, or IoT for short, is much talked about as the new paradigm.
In fact, if we can add new properties to many of the objects around us, we can increase our ability to interact with them, taking advantages from the point of view of communication, engagement and experience.

Using the latest technologies, we have in our portfolio several sensor solutions that can add value and completely transform the way we engage with your brand or product.
In a non-intrusive way, we can conceive an experience where physical objects gain the ability to communicate with us.

One of the many examples already implemented are the “virtual promoters”. A solution that adds to a looped video of a virtual ambassador the ability to perceive our presence through presence sensors. Once detected, a set of pre-programmed actions can be activated. The limit of what can be implemented is our imagination. Several interactions can occur, including adding other devices such as tablets or consoles to the experience.

Some implemented projects
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