Museums and Exhibitions
Museums and Exhibitions

What we can take away from a museum or exhibition is much more than knowledge and contemplation. It can be a whole experience that marks us in a positive way and elevates our involvement beyond the moment. Throughout our many years of experience, we are proud of the many partnerships and cultural projects in which we have been able to contribute with the latest ubiquitous technology, capable of enhancing concepts and engaging the public in an enriched experience.

What we propose is to add value through digital and interactive solutions, whenever they make sense and without technology being the purpose. The goal will always be the concept and soul of your project.

We provide several solutions for surround sound systems, directional speakers, standard and “handheld” headphones. In equipment’s that is handled by the user, we can install anti-vandal cables.

We design and develop customized software and physical applications, using the latest sensor technology, face tracking or hand tracking algorithms and interactive systems.
We aggregate audiovisual hardware, controllers and IoT, developing a complete turnkey systems integration.

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Remote Management
Turnkey Solutions
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